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L’Ibaïama, la Rolls des Ospital
By Sonia Moumen

The Ibaïama is an exceptional ham produced in very small quantities by three meat curers from the Basque Country. Born thirty years ago, under the leadership of Saveur Mayté, Christian Montauzer and Louis Ospital, the Ibaïama is made as before on farms.

"You cannot make beautiful hams if you don’t have good pigs. Hence, the importance of collaborating with farmers of region, working with old methods, and allowing time for the pig to grow and become fat".

Their hams are rubbed by hand with a mixture of salt from Salies-de-Béarn and spices and then refined in the open air for 15 to 20 months. The time to develop a clear color, slightly marbled, and smoothness makes it incomparable.

Find the interview on video: https://vimeo.com/144723280

An article produced as part of the Gourmet Addresses application.