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Périgord Cabécou

The cabécou means small round biscuits made with goat whole milk. Since 1992, the Périgord cabécou is protected by a collective trademark and logo. Production on the farm or in a cheese factory must always meet the breeding and manufacturing specifications.

Easy to cook, it is a convivial product. It can be eaten plain as an appetizer, topped with candied Périgord walnuts, honey, maple syrup ... It can also be cooked and served hot, either as a starter, with a salad or as a main dish. After a meal, it naturally finds its place on the cheese board.

Photo credit : Interprofession Caprine de Dordogne Périgord

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Where to find it ?

In the markets and supermarkets in Périgord area.

When to find it ?

All year


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