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Bordeaux Wine Festival - Bordeaux Fête le Vin

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World wine capital, Bordeaux is organising its 10th edition of Bordeaux Fête le Vin (Bordeaux Wine Festival) on 23rd-26th June 2016 on the quays of the Garonne

Hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected along the 2km route to meet wine-growers, particularly at the Wines of Aquitaine Pavilion. Bordeaux Wine Festival is also the chance to (re)discover regional gastronomy at the South-West France Gastronomy Village. All set for 4 days of encounters and indulgence!

The wines of the region Aquitaine – Limousin – Poitou-Charentes take pride of place

If you want to taste the wines of the Aquitaine – Limousin – Poitou-Charentes region, the quays of Bordeaux will be the place to gobe Set up on the quays by the Allées d’Orléans, the Wines of Aquitaine Pavilion invites you to discover 17 emblematic appellations from the region. Ranging from Côtes de Duras, Jurançon, Irouléguy, Atlantic Wine (PGI), Périgord Wine (PGI), Tursan, Madiran or Pacherenc du Vic Bilh, to the diversity of wines from Bergerac, Montbazillac, Montravel, Pécharmant, Rosette and Saussignac, there is plenty to taste!

Red, rosé, white or liqueur wines, the wine-growers of the region will take pleasure in sharing their secrets with you, and allowing you to experience their wines and their grape varieties.

For wine tasting, you will need to acquire a tasting pass. Among the 13 tastings possible, 3 tickets will be valid for the Wines of Aquitaine Pavilion: 1 “Wines of Aquitaine Pavilion” tasting, and 2 “favourite” tastings.

Masterclass on the wines of the Aquitaine – Limousin – Poitou-Charentes region

To find out more about the appellations featuring at the Wines of Aquitaine Pavilion, the sommelier Dominique Courrègelongue is giving you the chance to participate in masterclasses organized daily on the terrace of the Wines of Aquitaine Pavilion. For an hour, use your five senses and discover the art of wine tasting. Each session will be focused on one or two appellations. On Thursday 23rd June at 3pm, you will enjoy Brulhois and Buzet, and Côtes du Marmandais at 5pm. Friday 24th June will be a day devoted to spirits with two masterclasses on Cognac at 3pm and 5pm and one on Pineau des Charentes and Floc de Gascogne at 4pm. On Saturday and Sunday, Irouléguy, Armagnac, Madiran, Pancherenc du Vic Bilh, Côtes du Marmandais and Jurançon will be successively showcased. In total, 10 masterclasses are offered until Sunday 26th June.

Registration for these masterclasses is free. Don’t wait, the number of participants is restricted to 20 per session.

The gastronomy of Aquitaine – Limousin – Poitou-Charentes has its own village!

Once your senses are awake, make the most of the experience by following the route to the South-West France Gastronomy Village, situated opposite the Place des Quinconces. For this 10th edition of the Bordeaux Wine Festival, 15 producers and artisans will give you an insight into the rich gastronomy of our region. There will not be any resellers on site! Those who serve you make their products themselves. From aperitif to dessert, you can be sure to find exactly what you want. Move from stand to stand discovering the oysters from Arcachon-Cap Ferret, and charcuterie from the Landes and the Basque Country. Savour Bayonne ham (PGI), and Kintoa ham and bacon. Enjoy tasting garbure soup and other typical dishes which belong to the gastronomic heritage of the region. Feel like a snack? A Blonde d’Aquitaine breeder will offer you homemade beef hamburgers “Made in notre région”!

Just as tradition in the South-West of France demands, the duck of will have its rightful place. Breeders will on hand there to present their high quality produce: duck and goose confit, South-West duck magret (PGI), South-West foie gras, and pâté from the Dordogne and Landes will excite enthusiasts and treat novices.  

Would you like some bread? No worries, a baker from Landiras will help you rediscover the love of good natural leaven bread and “noble” types of flour. He will show you a creation made from red wheat from Bordeaux! Eat it with a slice of Gascogne and Guyenne cheeses and succumb to the flavours of Esgoulade, the cheese made from curdled milk which comes from the Hautes Landes de Gascogne.

Any room left for dessert? Then make your way to the artisan ice cream stands in the South-West France Gastronomy Village: high-quality artisanal ice cream, refreshing granita and homemade crêpes will delight both young and old.

Among friends or with family, get settled at the wooden tables in the South-West France Gastronomy Village to savour all of the regional specialities, accompanied by a glass of wine from the Wines of Aquitaine Pavilion!