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Food-lovers flock to the Salon de l’Agriculture de Nouvelle-Aquitaine 2018 Agricultural Show!

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From 12 to 21 May 2018, discover the taste of Nouvelle-Aquitaine! The regional agricultural fair takes place at the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre in the Bordeaux-Lac district.  This year, 5 hubs at the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Gourmet Village (Hall 4) will be showcasing regional produce and expertise: meat, fish and oysters, organic produce, agricultural high schools, and culinary demonstrations. Activities for children will also be on offer.

A visit to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Gourmet Village

  • The Meat hub:

    At the heart of the Village, discover the meat of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the know-how of the region’s butchers.  The butchers will be there to answer your queries and advise you. What’s the difference between beef tenderloin and rib steak?  How long should I cook a leg of lamb to obtain pinkish meat?

    The butchers will also be demonstrating how to cut meat and offering samples to taste.  Look out for the Daniel Huvier Apprentice Butcher Contest on Monday 14 May.  This meat hub is led by Interbev Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the regional organisation for the meat trade.

  •  The Fish and Oyster hub:

    The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region possesses 720 km of coastline.  Fishing and oyster-farming are therefore an essential part of the region’s activity.  At this hub, you can learn all about marine and freshwater fishing activities.  Discover more about oyster-farming and other shellfish. A large fish stand will showcase the variety of local species.  The fishing committees will be present at the event.  Fishing ports and markets will also be represented and two traditional fish auctions will be held on 13 and 20 May. This is your chance to take home some fresh fish! The famous lamprey aquarium will of course be on show. This is always a big hit with children!

  • The Organic Produce hub:

    The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region has France’s second highest number of organic farmers. Meet the producers committed to this cause during the show.   In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, you can consume produce that is both local and organic.  Discover the wide range of regional organic produce on offer at daily events and testing sessions.

  • The Agricultural High Schools hub:

    They are the future of regional agriculture! Some ten agricultural high schools will be represented at the 2018 Nouvelle-Aquitaine Agricultural Show. They will present their training programmes and products.  Agricultural high schools possess their own farms. This is where the students get to put theory into practice. The know-how acquired by these students could lead to real vocations!

  • The Culinary Events hub:

    Our duo, chef Jésus (hosts the Le Grand Miam culinary radio programme on France Bleu Gironde) and starred chef Christophe Girardeau, will be on hand to bring out the very best of Nouvelle-Aquitaine local produce.  The two chefs will be joined by guests for tasting sessions, the preparation of appetisers and culinary ‘battles’. Different products will be showcased every day.  Regional theme days will also be organised.  The PDOs of the Basque Country will feature on Monday 14 May. The Landes will take centre stage on Wednesday, and on Friday, local products from Poitou and the Charentes areas will reveal all their secrets! On Thursday, the chefs will be cooking with the winning products of the Saveurs de Nouvelle-Aquitaine contest.

The Agricultural Show for children

You are never too young to learn to eat well! Children can visit the whole show with special circuits adapted to their age.  At the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Village, they can stop at the Taste Institute. Some 400 children are expected here on school trips.  During this 20-minute activity, they will have to make use of their five senses, through fun activities, to learn how to appreciate taste.  At the Meat hub, there will be events for young visitors.  They can, for instance, become breeding experts thanks to a comic book.  On Tuesday 15 May, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Gourmet Village will welcome 180 children to workshops on local produce.

Other events will include the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Producers’ Market (16 to 21 May) and the Comptoir du Vin wine stand (16 to 21 May, events around local and French wines).

Don’t forget that the 2018 Nouvelle-Aquitaine Agricultural Show also includes Aquitanima (400 animals and three days of competition from 12 to 14 May), Equitaine (300 horses with events, competitions and demonstrations) and La Ferme (an educational farm for all the family).


Salon de l’Agriculture de Nouvelle-Aquitaine 2018 agricultural show.
From 12 to 21 May
Bordeaux Exhibition Centre
Admission: Free or up to €8, depending on type of visit.