Black truffle

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Available on regional markets and in fine food stores

When to find it? All year round
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Truffles are mushrooms with two distinct features:

  • they grow underground
  • they are always associated with a plant: the truffle tree.

Currently, France’s annual truffle production accounts for an average of 40 tonnes. Two to five tonnes are produced in the Périgord, depending on the year.

Over the last twenty years, truffle growing recovery programmes were set up in most of the truffle-producing regions. In the Dordogne, since that time, as spontaneous truffle grounds were on the decline, they were progressively replaced by plantations. Today, truffle reserves are slowly starting to recover thanks to the Federation of Dordogne Truffle Farmers (FDTP). More than 80 hectares of truffle grounds are established each year in the Dordogne using mycorrhizal plants.

Since 1992, the Regional Union of Aquitaine Truffle Farmers (URTA) has an experimental truffle growing centre, the Centre Expérimental Trufficole (CET), to assist the recovery of truffle growing in the Aquitaine.

In the Poitou-Charentes, truffle growers introduced specifications to obtain the regional ’Sign‚ Poitou-Charentes’ quality mark to have the area recognised as one of the traditional regions of truffle producers, and promote the savoir-faire and quality of local truffles. These regional specifications provide buyers with assurances from plantation and sale using a single species (Tuber melanosporum Vitt) and certified plants guaranteed to have mycorrhiza by T. melanosporum.

With the backing of the Charentes Chamber of Agriculture, monitoring is carried out to ensure compliance during production with these specifications from the moment the truffle grounds are established, as well as the moment truffles are harvested, washed and brushed. A small indentation is made in the truffles to check the quality, and they are sorted according to specific criteria, product traceability is assured from the moment it is planted. Truffle growers are trained in checking the quality of their product. This quality is also checked on all the truffle markets in the Poitou-Charentes region.