‘Le Diamandin’ lamb

Where to find this product?

Available from butchers and in supermarkets.

When to find it? All year round
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The ‘Le Diamandin’ Label Rouge lamb is a lamb that is raised on its mother’s milk for at least 60 days. As such, it is reared on maternal milk. Then, depending on the season and how much grass is available, it is turned out to pasture and/or fed with hay and cereal-based supplements. Each farm must produce its forage and concentrated feed to meet a minimum of 55% of the sheep herd’s needs. In all cases, the food is guaranteed to be 100% non-GMO grains, minerals and vitamins. The slaughtering age varies between 60 days up to a maximum of 210 days for non-castrated males. At the end of the year, and in some production systems, females and castrated males can reach a maximum age of 270 days.

Reared in the central west part of France for hundreds of years, this secular savoir-faire was recognised with the country’s official quality mark, the Label Rouge, awarded in 1994. It is the guarantee of a lamb born, raised and slaughtered in the central west part of France, from meat sheep breeds (Texel, Charolais, Suffolk, Rouge de l’Ouest, Vend‚en, Charmoise, and Ile de France). You’ll choose ‘Le Diamandin’ lamb not only for the fact it grazes and has a forage-based diet, but also because the carcasses that are produced are lean and have been handled properly according to set standards. Its meat will be very pale in colour, plump and firm. Checks to assess the meat’s quality in terms of taste are performed annually via sensory analyses carried out by an accredited laboratory.