Gascony Floc

When to find it? All year round
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Whether white or red, the Gascony Floc is made from the combination of 2/3 fresh grape juice and 1/3 young Armagnac.

Each bottle carries the fruity flavour that is reminiscent of Gascony’s sunshine, good food and friendship. Each glass tasted invites you to discover the passion of a producer or trader.

In this way, discovering Gascony Floc means discovering its wine growers: it is up to you to choose your favourite!

  • Un Terroir:

Gascony Flocs draw their character from the land where they are produced, which covers three departments: Lot-et-Garonne, Landes and Gers.

The Gascony wine-growing regions benefit from sandy, clay-limestone land, as well as a unique climate under three influences: Mediterranean, Oceanic and Continental. This gives the Gascony Flocs a beautiful balance, a powerfully elegant flavour and a light, fruity character.

  • An Artisan Blend:

White Gascony Flocs draw fine citrus flavours from the Colombard, a delicately acidic freshness with flavours of dried fruits from the White Ugni and a beautifully fruity fullness from the Large Mansend.

The red Gascony Flocs are made using traditional grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon with its complex red fruit flavours; Carbernet Franc with hints of raspberry; Merlot for that beautiful full taste and finally the Tannat for that little powerful hit.

The quality of the Armagnac used for blending, with its different floral flavours (violet, rose and plum tree flower) certainly personalise each Gascony Floc, giving them each a unique charm.

  • Diverse tastes:

Discover the variety of flavours of the Flocs produced in Gascony. The wide organoleptic diversity of grapes and the hard work of each wine grower gives each Gascony Floc its special quality. There is not just ONE Gascony Floc but OVER 150! There are 3 flavour families to discover at your leisure: the Gourmands (sweet and full), the Supple (balanced and delicate) and the Powerful (strong and honest).

  • Tasting:

The Gascony Flocs are always drunk cold (between 5° and 7°C) and young so that their delicate flavours can be tasted. They may be accompanied by a few snacks: foie gras, fine cheeses or fruit tarts for the white Flocs. For the red Flocs, pair them with melon, sheep’s cheese or a chocolate fondant. The Gascony Flocs are also used in simple, easy-to-make cocktails that can be enjoyed with friends!